The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA),

a joint program of the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center and the Survey Research Center, helps spur new research on the economics and demography of aging and encourages the use of major datasets in the field.

MiCDA is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (P30 AG012846).

Older couple walking outdoors

Disability rises slowly among Americans in their 80s and 90s

Lois Verbrugge, Dustin Brown, and Anna Zajacova examine changes in average disability among older Americans over the past two decades.

Brain tangles in Alzheimer's disease.

Tracking dementia in America

David Weir, Kenneth Langa, and Jessica Faul lead an HRS supplement project that monitors and analyzes trends in the prevalence of cognitive impairment and dementia in the U.S.

SS cards and money

Michigan Retirement Research Center focuses on Social Security policy

The MRRC promotes research on the interactions between Social Security policy and older Americans' work and retirement decisions, other public and private retirement income programs, and demographic and social changes.

Woman holding cane

American women no longer live more disability-free years than men, despite longer lives

Vicki Freedman, Douglas Wolf, and Brenda Spillman find larger gains in longevity and active years for older men than for older women across past three decades.

Older black couple.

Why do black Americans suffer more post-stroke disability?

Lesli Skolarus, James Burke, Vicki Freedman, and colleagues examine racial differences in the timing and conditions of post-stroke disability among elderly Americans.

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Schmitz finds job loss before retirement age contributes to weight gain, especially in men

Langa et al find optimism linked to decreased cognitive impairment in those 65 years and older

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