MiCDA Data Enclave Overview

The MiCDA Data Enclave is funded by the Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (NIA P30 AG12846), the Health and Retirement Study (NIA U01AG009740), and the Michigan Retirement Research Center (SSA 10 P-98358-5). The Survey Research Center and the Population Studies Center of the Institute for Social Research also provide support for the operation of this facility.


The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA) Data Enclave is designed to assist:

The term "restricted data" refers to data products that cannot be distributed to the general public because of respondent confidentiality concerns, or because third-party licensing or use agreements prohibit redistribution. The Data Enclave maintains respondent confidentiality by providing a controlled, secure environment in which eligible researchers can perform analyses using restricted data resources. An example of a restricted data resource would be the administrative data files prepared for distribution by the Health and Retirement Study, which are normally available only to recipients of United States Federal grants. Another restricted data source newly available from the German Social Security system provides information on both individuals and households and employers. These data include detailed information on employment, unemployment benefit receipts, participation in labor market programs and registered job search, and a large number of socio-economic characteristics.

How the Data Enclave Operates

The MiCDA Data Enclave is housed in a secure facility maintained by the Institute for Social Research. The Data Enclave can serve a maximum of six researchers at any given time. Each Data Enclave user has access to the statistical analysis software, specialized application software, compilers, and utilities necessary to manipulate and analyze restricted data. The Data Enclave workstations communicate with a dedicated server on a network that has no physical connection to any other ISR network or to the Internet. A unique password-protected profile is created for each Enclave user which allows the user to access the restricted data files specified in the User Agreement. The Data Enclave is open during normal weekday working hours, except for University holidays.

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