External Networks

The goal of MiCDA networks is to foster national and international collaboration on research in aging. Networks welcome new participants from the U.S. and overseas.

HRS International Sister Studies
Organizer: David Weir. Activities to support emergence of longitudinal studies patterned after HRS. Participants include researchers and staff in England (ELSA), 11 European countries (SHARE), and Mexico (MHAS). Additional countries are planning to join SHARE with baseline surveys in 2006 (Israel, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland). Korea will field first Asian survey modeled on HRS. Australia, New Zealand and Thailand also expressing interest.
Research Network on AIDS and Older Persons in Africa and Asia
Organizers: John Knodel for Asia & David Lam for Africa. The purpose of this network is to bring together active researchers who study the impact of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and Asia on older persons, as well as the contributions of older persons to how societies cope with AIDS with the goal of exchanging relevant information and fostering collaborative and comparative analyses.
TRENDS in Old-Age Disability
Organizer: Robert Schoeni. The broad objective of the Disability Trends Network is to accelerate scientific advancement of our understanding of old-age disability trends.
Psychology and Aging Network
Organizer: Jacqui Smith. This network provides a platform for research collaboration and cross-disciplinary exchange to advance the theory-guided integration of psychological research in population surveys.
Network on Effects of Early Life Conditions on Aging
Organizer: George Alter. A diverse community of researchers is studying links between early-life experiences and health in later life. This network will facilitate coordination within this community and enhance communication across disciplines.

Former Networks

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