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Frey says child population declined in U.S. 2010-2011


Danziger cited in Huffington Post review of 2011

Frey says upcoming retirees "may not run with the herd," but many will still move to Florida

Burgard's work on women's nighttime caregiving cited in Post column on "midnight moms"

Frey comments on voting implications of growing income gap among blacks

David Lam to lead European research program studying labor markets of poor countries

Frey says recession and mortgage meltdown has checked residential mobility

Diez Roux et al cited in story on association of optimism and inflammatory markers in the middle-aged

Lam says we should not be afraid to celebrate birth of 7 billionth child

David Lam participates in Hopkins' symposium on the meaning of the 7 billionth human

Lam says 7 billionth child almost surely better off than 6 billionth

Lam discusses sustainability for the world at 7 billion with John Hockenberry (audio)

Lam discusses implications of innovation for population growth in Post story

Frey tells Post DC has become magnet for people aged 25 to 34

Schoeni discusses AJPH article on early childhood links to mid-life health

Nicholas discusses end of life issues on public radio

Nicholas et al find advance directives may improve care, cut costs at end of life

Hermalin and Lowry find surprising smoking pattern for Chinese women

Frey tells NYT more children in poverty now than since 1962

Danziger says Heritage Foundation's conservative commentator very influential with Republicans

Applications being accepted for the Marshall Weinberg Fellowship on Population, Development and Climate Change. Deadline Sept 30

Barbara Anderson appointed to the Census Bureau's Scientific Advisory Committee

Bound notes social and health benefits of work-related activity for seniors

Barber's survey method of 'ask less more often' cited as example for UX research

George Alter appointed Director, ICPSR

Norton finds insecurity over weight hinders women in workplace

Lam says fears of 'Population Bomb' unfounded in 2011

Geronimus says social stressors account for racial disparities in health among women and infants

Langa says greater older age memory loss among populations in 'stroke belt' connects risk factors

Shapiro finds only 13% of households spend extra take-home pay from stimulus tax cuts

Frey discusses U.S. trend toward "minority majority" on NPR

Frey says white middle-class Americans a shrinking population

R. Thornton and colleagues explore link between education and democratization

Lam says increased food production, education eased effects of population growth

Shapiro comments on Michigan's fiscal circumstances, credit rating

Bound says declines in low-skill jobs driving losses in men's labor force participation rates

Lam says nation's shrinking share of global population not cause for alarm

Jackson and colleagues find depression linked to feelings of control and age in African American men

Norton comments on employment penalties for overweight women

Xie cited in NYT on China's changing population

Arland Thornton receives 2011 Taeuber Award

Bound says disabled shouldn't be blamed for inability to work, need for DI benefits

Lam says food production, urbanization, education mitigated "population bomb"

PSC Reseachers at the Population Association of America 2011 Annual Meeting

Weir finds the conscientious earn more, save more for retirement

Frey comments on exodus of Detroit's blacks to suburbs

Research Network on AIDS and Older Persons in Africa and Asia is a new international network led by Knodel and Lam.

UN ESCAP publishes results of Knodel's MiCDA pilot grant, Older-age Parents and AIDS in the ERA of ART, the Case of Thailand

Research on Aging features several articles that resulted from MiCDA's 2008 AIDS and the Elderly workshop.

Geronimus and Bound find high death rates persist for black Americans in 2000

Geronimus says US cultural influences dampen gains in life expectancy seen in other high-income nations


Freedman documents connection between neighborhood and cancer among older men and women

Frey says recent Census data show "idea of postracial America has a way to go"

Willis finds handing over family finances to husbands weak in numeracy skills is costly

James Jackson awarded Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Biomedical Science by New York Academy of Medicine

James House appointed visiting scholar at Russell Sage Foundation

Willis and colleagues find link between numeracy skills and family wealth

John Bound named George E. Johnson Collegiate Professor of Economics

Willis notes importance of comparable datasets to study of elderly cognition worldwide

Willis discusses link between retirement and memory

HRS @20. A celebration of 20 years of the Health and Retirement Study. October 1st, 2010 from 1-5 pm, Palmer Commons Auditorium.

Geronimus cited for work on "weathering" in CHE article

Helen Levy appointed to position at Council of Economic Advisers

Kaplan to lead Network on Inequality, Complexity, and Health

Thomas Juster memorial service will take place on October 2, 2010 from 10am - noon, Michigan League Hussey Room

McNally says responses to Alzheimer's caregiving vary along racial and ethnic lines

Knodel and Lam lead the new Research Network on AIDS and Older Persons in Africa and Asia

Clarke finds benefits for aging populations in enabling urban environments

Philippa Clarke elected Fellow, Gerontological Society of America, 2010

Schoeni says parental support of adult children has increased over past 3 decades

James Jackson elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Xie discusses 'mammoth' China survey to document changing society

Freedman says uptick in middle-age disability suggests need for prevention, early intervention

Levy cited on mortality effects of Medicare in The Atlantic

Levy says Medicare increases use of health care, but has no effect on mortality


George Alter elected vice-president of the Social Science History Association

Knodel discusses impact of HIV/AIDS on older persons in SE Asia - audio

Weir testifies on findings from study of retired NFL players

Bob Schoeni recognized with U-M Research Faculty Achievement Award

Weir looks at work expectations among older Americans

David Lam elected president of PAA for 2011

Myron Gutmann to head NSF's Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

Geronimus' work on health and racism is Miller-McCune cover story

Sarah Burgard receives U-M Excellence in Education Award for Undergraduate Teaching, 2009

Bob Willis given Distinguished Alumni Award, Dept. of Economics, Univ. of Washington, 2009

Burgard's work on fear of job loss cited by AARP

Yu Xie elected to National Academy of Sciences

Aging in Developing Countries Network site launched

Burgard featured in USNWR piece on how jobs affect longevity

Lauren Nicholas wins 2009 Heinz Dissertation Award from NASI

James House receives ASA award for contributions to study of mental health

Lauren Nicholas receives Regula Herzog Young Investigators Award


Robert Schoeni shares Heidelberg Club International award for significant contributions to the field of gerontology

Barbara Anderson honored with Regents Award for Distinguished Public Service

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Older Persons in Africa and Asia, a conference, November 7-8, 2008

James House awarded Distinguished University Professorship

P30 Centers on the Demography of Aging receive Heidelberg Club International award for significant contributions to the field of gerontology.

Lam discusses economic challenges posed by population aging in Brazil (Portuguese)

Yu Xie wins PAA's 2008 Clifford C Clogg Award

Weir, Ofstedal, Willis et al. find one in three over 70 has memory loss

Schoeni finds disability rates declining among older Americans

Schoeni and colleagues explore why disability rates are dropping among older Americans.

Langa finds aging Boomers less likely than prior generations to develop severe memory loss

Burgard and House find link between job loss due to health and depression


Yu Xie selected as Distinguished University Professor

David Weir elected to Board of Directors of the Population Association of America

Frey says boomers face delayed retirement

Pienta explores influence of a mate and children on women’s later life happiness

Robert Willis elected President, Society of Labor Economists

James House elected to National Academy of Sciences

John Bound and Frank Stafford elected Fellows of Society of Labor Economists

Levy says research unable to establish causal relationship between health insurance and health

James House receives ASA's Cooley-Mead Award


Arline Geronimus awarded fellowship, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 2007-2008

John Bound awarded fellowship, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 2007-2008

Albert Hermalin Honored by Global Health community

Geronimus et al. find excess mortality higher for urban vs. rural blacks

Frey speculates on U.S. population changes by 2026


TRENDS, is a new NIA-supported network of researchers working to accelerate scientific understanding of old-age disability trends.


John Bound named Fellow of the Econometric Society

Yu Xie elected to Academia Sinica


Pre-proposals for MiCDA Pilot Grant funding due Jan 26, 2015

Call for Proposals: Small Grants for Research Using PSID Data. Due March 2, 2015

Cigolle finds falls among seniors up 30% over past 12 years

Langa says seniors taking multiple medications may experience side effects that mimic MCI


Request for Pilot Proposals, Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities

Apply for 2-year NIA Postdoctoral Fellowships that begin September 2015

Iwashyna says ADL screening/monitoring important for heart attack and stroke survivors

Freedman cited in piece on new models of residential care for seniors

Bailey finds federally funded CHCs reduced mortality and health care costs for those 50+

Levy and Langa find older Americans may not enjoy benefits of internet-based health information

Langa, Iwashyna et al. find decreased functionality among heart attack and stroke survivors decade after event

Frey says predominance of older white GOP will fade in long term given shifting demographics

Halter says dog study of anti-aging drug long way from human application

Stafford says exiting down stock market worsened position of low-income households

Smith and colleagues find aging satisfaction linked to preventive health screenings

Freedman and Spillman find nearly half of those 65+ need some daily assistance

Krause says having religious friends leads to gratitude, which is associated with better health

Freedman says older husbands take cue from wives on relationship satisfaction

Stafford comments on the challenges of the over-55 workforce

Additional grant money available from NIA for early researchers doing NIA-funded work

Langa says individual risk of Alzheimer's seems to have declined in U.S.

Choi, Schoeni, Langa, and Heisler find CV events increase likelihood of residential proximity for older parents and adult children

What a "just-in-time" information request from NIA signals about the ultimate success of your application

Work of Cigolle, Ofstedal et al. cited in Forbes story on frailty risk among the elderly

James Jackson to be appointed to NSF's National Science Board

Clarke and Ailshire find air quality linked to cognitive decline in older adults

Willis and Rohwedder's report on retirement and cognition cited in NYT

McEniry and Schoeni host Conference on Long-run Impacts of Early Life Events

ISR seminar on developments in household panel surveys, May 22

Karraker finds divorce after age 50 more common when wives fall ill than when husbands do

Willis and Hsu find dementia impacts financial decision making among Americans over 50

NIH announces new policy for resubmissions (4/17/14)

Freedman finds caring for husband adds to wife's happiness

7 trends in retirement from the Michigan Retirement Research Center

Langa says Alzheimer's nearly as lethal as heart disease and cancer, and more costly to treat

Karraker says sexual activity signals psychological and physical well-being among older couples

McEniry says well-intentioned public health interventions decades ago may cause problems for elderly in developing countries

Burgard says upside of recession may be a decline in mortality

Martha Bailey and Brad Hershbein win 2013 IZA Young Labor Economist Award


Study by Freedman et al subject of NYT piece on how seniors cope with limitations

Jacqui Smith and colleagues explore association between life satisfaction and health care utilization

New ISR center to advance research methods linking biological and social science data

Freedman et al. find 69% of older adults need some type of assistance with daily activities

Analysis of dementia costs by Michael Hurd (RAND) and Kenneth Langa (Michigan) cited in USA Today

Kenneth Langa says recent studies support decrease in dementia prevalence worldwide

Kimball says negative nominal interest rates plus electronic money can smooth economy

Conference on complex systems and population health, Feb 24-25

Levy and Buchmueller say ACA subsidies will make health care system more fair and efficient

Arline Geronimus elected to Institute of Medicine, 2013

Krause awarded $8 million to study links between religion and health

Arline Geronimus featured in AJPH issue on society, genetics, and health

Antonucci and colleagues find adult stepchildren give little help to stepmothers in dementia caregiving

Levy's work cited in story on balancing coordination and competition in health care reform

Levy says Detroiters' pain of losing retiree health benefits will be softened by insurance exchanges

Burgard says working conditions drive mental health disparities seen in mid-life adults

Stafford says stock market declines discourage retirement saving

Zivin says depression rates decreasing among older Americans

Frey says more deaths than births among white Americans signals big demographic shifts

Bound's work cited in look at how retirement affects health and life expectancy

Diez Roux finds neighborhood food sources, walkability linked to obesity

Langa says genetic data could clarify link between long-lived parents and healthy adult children found in HRS analysis

Krause says optimism higher in older people who believe others are praying for them

Panapasa comments on negative health effects for Samoans of some high-fat imported foods

Arline Geronimus wins Excellence in Research Award from School of Public Health

Antonucci discusses how older people can influence the happiness in their lives

Langa says isolating costs of dementia from other health care costs yields important information

NIH-funded study at RAND and University of Michigan estimates costs of dementia

Pre-proposals for MiCDA Pilot Grant funding due March 15, 2013

Stafford finds shrinking proportion of labor force with retirement accounts

Lauren Nicholas elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance

Kimball interviewed by CNBC on why U.S. should have sovereign wealth fund

Diez Roux says Americans' health problems are systemic


Jackson elected president of COSSA

Kimball talks paperless money, negative interest, investing vs. saving, quantitative easing

Jackson asks why protective benefit of education on longevity does not extend to black men

Burgard comments on study linking unemployment and heart attacks among older workers

House discusses role of stress in women's shrinking lifespans

Freedman says disability prevalence varies by age group among older population

Levenstein and colleagues find office proximity promotes research collaboration

Schwarz finds repeated misinformation, even when known to be false, has influence

Jackson comments on $2.7 million grant from NIA for Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research

Nicholas says advance directives help ensure preferred EOL care in all localities (online forum)

Panapasa and colleagues find high rates of smoking, obesity among Pacific Islanders

Jackson says risk behavior may be factor in life expectancy declines among less-educated whites

Burgard et al. find job insecurity has negative health impact on workers

Laitner and Silverman say tax rate changes could lengthen working lives, lower Federal deficit

Panapasa highlights need to understand health disparities of Pacific Island population in US

Li says friendships and family contacts important to well-being at midlife

Antonucci receives career contribution award from Gerontological Society of America

Six local women partnered with A2A3 break record for English Channel swim

Silverman says data from online app signal changes in consumer sentiment and financial well-being

Nicholas, Langa, Iwashyna, and Weir win award for JAMA paper

James House named Henry Russel Lecturer for 2013 by U-M Regents

Frey says baby boomers not ready for America's new demographics

Burgard and Ailshire find family relations impact sleep

Langa gives plenary on Alzheimer's treatment and prevention

Mary Beth Ofstedal wins U-M Research Faculty Achievement Award

Levy blogs on economic and policy misunderstandings in Supreme Court arguments on health care legislation

Cigolle finds intervention success for diabetes in older adults

Wightman and Schoeni find most young adults helped financially by parents

Antonucci says we underestimate value of friendships

Antonucci leading test of successful aging program among low-income seniors

Jackson presents demographics on State of Race in America at Aspen Institute symposium

Antonucci says people living alone should actively build and maintain relationships

Linda Waite, Deborah Carr, Laura Carstensen and Toni Antonucci comment on living alone without loneliness

Health and Retirement Study adds genetic data to NIH database

Michigan participation at PAA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, May 3-5, 2012

Antonucci says good friends increase feelings of worth and meaning, especially as we age

Langa says care-giving resources for dementia key public policy issue

Schwarz and Lee study on fish odor and suspicion discussed in Post

Frey tells NYT unmarried boomers face greater economic hardships than married counterparts

Levy featured in story on U-M faculty advisors to White House

Diez Roux notes that life expectancy is rising with weak economy as during Great Depression

Frey says age of senior citizen status a "gray area"

Data from pilot wave of Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) now available

Weir says years near end of work life best time for retirement savings (USN&WR)

Danziger sees vulnerability in safety net for very poor

Farley and Frey question new findings on urban racial residential segregation

Sastry says new findings point out need for focus on mental health in natural disasters

Levy discusses federally mandated state health insurance exchanges

Jennifer Barber awarded William T. Grant Foundation Distinguished Fellowship