Pilot Projects

Psychological Human Capital and Mortality across the Life Course: Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (Karraker)
The goal of the project is to use PSID data to examine the relationship between psychological skills and traits measured in 1972 and mortality through 2011. 2013.

Physical Activity among U.S. Adults with Diabetes and Prediabetes, 2006-2010 (Lee)
The overall goal of the proposed study is to determine the predictors of changes in physical activity (PA) over 4-years among U.S. middle-aged and older adults with diabetes, prediabetes, and normoglycemia. 2013.

Do Grandma And Grandpa Matter? Uncovering the importance of the elderly for the socio-economic wellbeing of descendants (Pfeffer)
Using the PSID, this pilot project will assess the similarity of cousins’ socioeconomic status as an indicator of the potential impact of grandparental family environments on grandchildren. 2013.

Past Pilot Projects

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