Disparities by Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status

A MiCDA Research Signature Theme

The most severe health problems in the United States are concentrated among minority groups, and elders from disadvantaged backgrounds bear a substantial burden. Michigan has a large concentration of researchers who focus on these issues from social, economic, medical, policy, and public health perspectives. Interdisciplinary projects are common.

Understanding Recent Change in Gender Differences in Life Expectancy among Adults in Wealthy Countries (Burgard)

Understanding Social Disparities in Health and Aging (Burgard)

Proximity and Two-Way Intergenerational Resource Flows in the US (Coate)

Economic Status, Health, & Wellbeing over the Life Course and Across Generations (Freedman)

Measurement Error in Population Health Inequity Research using Novel Biomeasures (Geronimus)

Promising Practices for Reducing Disparities in Infant Mortality in Michigan - A Pilot Study (Geronimus)

Race/Ethnicity, Psychosocial and Environmental Stressors, and Telomere Length (Geronimus)

Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAICs) (P30) (Halter)

Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities in 21st Century America (House)

Macarthur Foundation Aging Society Research Project (Jackson)

Michigan Center for Integrative Approaches to Health Disparities (CIAHD) (Jackson)

Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging (Jackson)

Race Difference in Physical and Mental Health Disparities: (Jackson)

Understanding Health Disparities in the Progression of Type 2 Diabetes (Jackson)

Models of hospital-acquired conditions and readmission: defining at-risk patients (Langa)

Health Literacy and Health Disparities Among the Elderly (Levy)

Trajectories of Subjective Well-Being and Ethnicity in Old Age (Liang)

Michigan Center for Integrative Approaches to Health Disparities (CIAHD) (Mendes de Leon)

Trust in Health Care and Racial Disparities in an Aging Population (Mendes de Leon)

Understanding Cancer Disparities Among US Pacific Islanders (Panapasa)

A Multi-Generational Approach to Trends in Social Mobility (Pfeffer)

Do Grandma And Grandpa Matter? Uncovering the importance of the elderly for the socio-economic wellbeing of descendants (Pfeffer)

Economic Status, Health, and Well-Being Over the Life Course and Across Generations (Schoeni)