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  1. PSC Research Report Series (1981-)
  2. Comparative Study of the Elderly in Asia Research Reports (1990-)
  3. PSC Reprint Series (1959-)
  4. TRENDS Working Paper Series (2005- )
  5. HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series (1994-1996)

MiCDA-PSC Source Descriptions

PSC Research Report Series (1981- ), Select Works on Aging
PSC Research Reports are pre-publication working papers that report the results of current demographic research conducted by PSC associates and affiliates. The papers are written by the researcher(s) for timely dissemination of their findings and are often later submitted for publication in scholarly journals.
Comparative Study of the Elderly in Asia Research Reports (1990- )
This series of Research Reports deals with the status of the elderly in several Asian Countries. The series was initiated under a broad project sponsored by the U.S. National Institute on Aging: Rapid Demographic Change and the Welfare of the Elderly (Grant No. AG07637), and continued under a parallel R01 grant also sponsored by the U.S. National Institute on Aging: A Comparative Study of Aging and Health in Asia (Grant Nos. AG20063-01 and AG20072-01). More recently it includes research supported through pilot grants from the Michigan P30 Center on the Demography of Aging (Grant No. AG012846) and other sponsors. Countries represented include the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, as well as some broader cross-country comparisons.
PSC Reprint Series (1959- ), Select Works on Aging
The PSC Reprint Series is a collection of published articles that were written by PSC researchers for scholarly journals in economics, sociology, and demography. The series covers spans the Center's history, with the earliest article written by Amos Hawley for a 1959 issue of the Journal of the American Institute of Planners. It reflects both the Center's research specialties and the researchers who have been associated with the Center since its founding by Ronald Freedman in 1961.
HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series (1994-1996)
Most of the papers in this series result from the analysis of early release preliminary datasets from the first waves of data collection on the studies. The primary purpose for these papers was to analyze data quality and to inform the next round of data collection on areas that need improvement. Currently the series includes papers from four early results workshops (HRS1, HRS Minority Perspectives, AHEAD1, and HRS2). All papers using the datasets are eligible for inclusion into our series. Papers should be submitted to the HRS/AHEAD office (for more information on how to submit papers to the series, please see the HRS/AHEAD website: All papers submitted for inclusion into the series undergo editorial review prior to acceptance. Please note that the HRS/AHEAD staff has not attempted to validate data or statistical analyses contained in the working papers.

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