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Kardia, Sharon R., David Weir, Jennifer Smith, and Others. 2015. "GWAS of Longevity in CHARGE Consortium Confirms APOE and FOXO3 Candidacy." Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological and Medical Sciences, 70(1): 110-118. PMCID: PMC4296168. DOI. Abstract.

Kotagal, Vikas, Kenneth M. Langa, Brenda L. Plassman, Gwenith Fisher, Bruno Giordani, Robert B. Wallace, James Burke, David C. Steffens, Mohammed Kabeto, Roger L. Albin, and Norman L. Foster. 2015. "Factors associated with cognitive evaluations in the United States." Neurology, 84(1): 64-71. PMCID: PMC4336093. DOI. Abstract.

Rothberg, Amy E., and Jeffrey Halter. 2015. "Obesity and Diabetes in an Aging Population Time to Rethink Definitions and Management?" Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, 31(1): 1–15. DOI. Abstract.

Webster, Noah J., Toni Antonucci, Kristine J. Ajrouch, and Sawsan Abdulrahim. 2015. "Social networks and health among older adults in Lebanon: the mediating role of support and trust." Journals of Gerontology Series B - Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 70(1): 155-166. DOI. Abstract.

Fuller-Iglesias, Heather R., Noah J. Webster, and Toni Antonucci. 2015. "The complex nature of family support across the life span: Implications for psychological well-being." Developmental Psychology, 51(3): 277-288. DOI. Abstract.

Schoeni, Robert F., and Emily Wiemers. Forthcoming. "The implications of selective attrition for estimates of intergenerational elasticity of family income." Journal of Economic Inequality. NIHMSID: NIHMS668254.

Bailey, Martha J., and Andrew Goodman-Bacon. 2015. "The War on Poverty's Experiment in Public Medicine: Community Health Centers and the Mortality of Older Americans." American Economic Review, 105(3): 1067-1104. NIHMSID: NIHMS669552. DOI. Abstract.

Knodel, John E., and Wiraporn Pothisiri. 2015. "Intergenerational Living Arrangements in Myanmar and Thailand: A Comparative Analysis." Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 30(1): 1-20. DOI. Abstract.

Levy, Helen, Alexander Janke, and Kenneth M. Langa. 2015. "Health Literacy and the Digital Divide Among Older Americans." Journal of General Internal Medicine, 30(3): 284-289. PMCID: PMC4351282. DOI. Abstract.

Kim, Min Hee, and Philippa J. Clarke. 2015. "Urban Social and Built Environments and Trajectories of Decline in Social Engagement in Vulnerable Elders: Findings From Detroit's Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver Population." Research on Aging, 37(4): 413-435. DOI. Abstract.

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