The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA),

a joint program of the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center and the Survey Research Center, helps spur new research on the economics and demography of aging and encourages the use of major datasets in the field.

MiCDA is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (P30 AG012846).

Crowd of people form a DNA helix shape

Building the capacity of social scientists to conduct genomic research

Jessica Faul, Colter Mitchell, Sharon Kardia, Jennifer Smith, and Erin Bakshis Ware create a hands-on training program for researchers working at the intersection of genetics and social science research.

Older couple on front porch

Living arrangement transitions and health status

Jersey Liang and Mary Beth Ofstedal examine how living arrangements evolve with health over decades during older ages.

Older woman concerned by bills

Hypertension and variations in stress by age and race

Kira Birditt, Toni Antonucci and colleagues gather data on stress, testing links between long-term stress and stress reactivity by age and race, and gaining insights on disparities in hypertension.

Older Mexican woman

Church connections and health among older Mexican Americans

Neal Krause examines connections between the late-life health of Mexican Americans and the emotional support they receive from within and outside the church.

TRENDS image

Evaluating changes in disability at older ages

Organized by Bob Schoeni, TRENDS is an NIA-supported network of researchers working to accelerate scientific understanding of changes over time in old-age disability and health.

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