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How disadvantage contributes to DNA methylation and CVD risk

This multi-cohort study by Smith, Mukherjee, Zhou, Kardia, and Needham examines the biology underlying CVD disparities by exploring the linkage among social disadvantage variables, specific forms of DNA methylation, and cardiovascular risk factors.

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Validating and enhancing assessment of cognitive aging

In this cross-university study, Giordani and Zahodne work to develop and ensure proper implementation of sound, standardized assessments for age-related cognitive decline, including AD, using the NIH Toolbox approach.

Brain neurology

Identifying genetic loci linked to cognitive function

The researchers involved in this study, including Smith, Kardia, Weir, Ware, and Faul, combine cognitive and genetic data to identify genetic loci of cognitive function and genetic overlap with health variables and longevity.

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MiCDA researchers contribute to new report on the demography of aging

Vicki Freedman, Kenneth Langa, and David Weir contributed to this important new report discussing developments in the demography of aging that require innovative conceptual, research, and analytic approaches.

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Age differences in negative social relationships

Birditt, Sherman, Polenick, Webster, Antonucci, et al. explore how the quality and impact of negative social relations differ among younger and older Americans.