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Age differences in negative social relationships

Birditt, Sherman, Polenick, Webster, Antonucci, et al. explore how the quality and impact of negative social relations differ among younger and older Americans.

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MCUAAAR furthers minority aging health research

Jackson, Antonucci, Pienta, and Smith work to decrease racial health disparities among elderly Americans by increasing the participation of African Americans as investigators and as subjects in health disparities research via the Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research.

Brain DNA & environment

Combined gene-environment risks in late-onset Alzheimer's

Ware, Langa, Heeringa, Smith, Kardia, Faul, and Bakulski examine the bases of disparities in late-onset Alzheimer's disease prevalence in a large sample of HRS participants, in particular the joint genetic-environmental contributions.

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Linking environmental factors to genetic risk of dementia

Jessica Faul, Erin Ware and Sharon Kardia will use data from 4 national studies to examine how socioeconomic, work, and policy environments moderate the genetic risk for cognitive decline.

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Medicaid expansion and changes for low-SES pre-retirees

Kenneth Langa, Helen Levy, Kara Zivin et al. investigate how expansion of Medicaid under the ACA has altered the care environment for low-SES Americans age 55-64 and impacted their health and well-being.