The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA),

a joint program of the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center and the Survey Research Center, helps spur new research on the economics and demography of aging and encourages the use of major datasets in the field.

MiCDA is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (P30 AG012846).

Older Mexican woman

Church connections and health among older Mexican Americans

Neal Krause examines connections between the late-life health of Mexican Americans and the emotional support they receive from within and outside the church.

TRENDS image

Evaluating changes in disability at older ages

Organized by Bob Schoeni, TRENDS is an NIA-supported network of researchers working to accelerate scientific understanding of changes over time in old-age disability and health.

Woman in doctor's office

Tailoring COPD treatment to achieve optimum outcomes

Kenneth Langa, Christine Cigolle and colleagues re-analyze COPD treatment protocols using additional data on geriatric conditions to yield more robust and personalized risk models.

Older black couple

Depression and heart disease

Amanda Sonnega and Shervin Assari find that depression elevates risk of heart disease among blacks, but not whites.

Older couple walking outdoors

Disability rises slowly among Americans in their 80s and 90s

Lois Verbrugge, Dustin Brown, and Anna Zajacova examine changes in average disability among older Americans over the past two decades.

In the News

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Langa and Iwashyna investigate basis for higher end-of-life care costs among blacks and Hispanics

Population-Level Trends in Dementia: Call for Proposals

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