The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA),

a joint program of the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center and the Survey Research Center, helps spur new research on the economics and demography of aging and encourages the use of major datasets in the field.

MiCDA is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (P30 AG012846).

Doctor listens to older patient's heart

Cognitive impairment and medical decision making

Kenneth Langa, Bruno Giodani and colleagues examine the influence of mild cognitive impairment on older patient preferences and physician recommendations for CVD treatment.

Older black man

Epigenetics of arteriosclerosis in African Americans

Jennifer Smith, Sharon Kardia, Erin Ware and Xiang Zhou analyze the relationship between variation in DNA methylation profiles and arteriosclerosis among hypertensive African Americans in the GENOA study.

older man typing

Richer data on life transitions after age 55

David Weir, Mick Couper, and Kenneth Langa explore new technologies and methods for internet interviewing in longitudinal studies of Americans during their work-to-retirement and healthy-to-end of life transitions.

Senior women take selfie.

Role of psychosocial factors in late-life cognitive functioning

Laura Zahodne uses results of repeated cognitive testing, neuroimaging, and medical evaluation to analyze how positive psychosocial factors impact brain health and cognitive functioning.

older hard-hat worker at computer

Retirement response of older workers to job computerization

Looking at the past three decades, Robert Willis analyzes how technological change - computerization, in particular - affected the retirement behavior of older workers.

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