Application Process

Prior to being granted access to confidential data files through the MiCDA Enclave, applicants are required to submit a research proposal containing the following information:

Please note that a separate, complete application package is required for each participating institution. A single application may include multiple users.

The completed application package should be emailed to

Proposal Review Process

When the research proposal package is received, it is logged and scheduled for review by the MiCDA Case Review Group (CRG). A Project Number is assigned for use in tracking the proposal as it moves through the review process. If problems are found with the proposal, the CRG will contact the applicant and provide assistance in resolving them. The CRG reviews each proposal to make certain that all items listed on the Application Checklist are present and complete. Once a proposal is complete, it is forwarded to the MiCDA Data Confidentiality Committee (DCC) for final approval or disapproval. The DCC reviews the proposal using the following criteria:

  1. Scientific and technical feasibility of the project (including availability of data files being requested)
  2. Approval (if necessary) by third-party data providers
  3. Availability of resources at the Data Enclave
    • workstation time slots
    • file pre-processing schedule
    • analysis review schedule
  4. Risk of disclosure of restricted information based on the user's description of expected analysis results
  5. Whether the proposed project is in accordance with the mission of the MiCDA

Users should note that approval of their application does not constitute endorsement by MiCDA of the substantive, methodological, theoretical, or policy relevance or merit of the proposed research. MiCDA approval only constitutes a judgement that this research proposal meets the criteria defined above.

User Agreement

The Confidentiality Agreement Restricting Disclosure and Use of Data from the Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging Data Enclave must be signed by both the researcher and a representative of the MiCDA Data Enclave. Once the agreement has been executed, prospective users should contact the MiCDA Enclave to schedule their visit.

User-supplied Data

User-supplied data must be reviewed by Data Enclave staff prior to the beginning of work. User data may be provided in a variety of formats: ASCII (delimited or fixed); SAS, Stata, and/or SPSS system files. Complete documentation is required and can be provided in machine-readable or printed form. Note that complex files requiring additional staff work will delay the user in beginning her/his research.

Once any user data file is linked to a restricted file, it becomes restricted itself and can only be removed from the Enclave network after it passes the disclosure review process.

Annual Renewal Process

Enclave users are required to update, on an annual basis, the following information to be considered for continued access to Enclave resources:

Existing DUA/CA Holders

For users who have entered into a Data Use Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement with one of the Enclave Resource Datasets (Health and Retirement Study, Panel Study of Income Dynamics, or IAB), please provide, in addition to a copy of the finalized agreement, the following:

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