Data Holdings: Datasets available through the MiCDA Data Enclave

  1. Health and Retirement Study Restricted Data: For current restricted data products, please visit HRS restricted data holdings. Visit the HRS Restricted Data Web site for more information on using restricted data for research.

  2. Health and Retirement Study Public Use Files: All HRS public use files are approved for use with the restricted data files listed above. For details on merge restrictions, please review the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table.

  3. Panel Study of Income Dynamics: PSID Restricted Use Data

  4. German Institute for Employment Research (FDZ): Access to German Federal Employment Agency (BA) and Institute for Employment Research (IAB) micro-data.

  5. Other files may be added to the MiCDA Data Enclave collection in the future.

Software Tools

For statistical analysis and data management purposes, users have access to the following applications at each workstation:

Adaptive Technology

The MiCDA Data Enclave attempts to serve the computing needs of physically and visually impaired individuals. Prospective visitors who have special needs should contact the Enclave staff for assistance.

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