Rules for Pre-Export Disclosure Review

By signing the Agreement Regarding Conditions of Access to Confidential Data in the Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging Data Enclave users agree that any data file provided to them "...will be used only for statistical reporting and analysis and will not be published or released in identifiable form." In this context, the term "statistical summary information" means the result(s) of statistical analysis in any of the following forms: record listings, frequency tabulations, magnitude tabulations, means, variances, regression coefficients, correlation coefficients, graphical displays and any other result of an analytic process.

To help ensure a low probability of accidental individual identification, under terms of the agreement, researchers agree not to remove any printouts, electronic files, documents or media from the Enclave until they have been reviewed for disclosure risk by authorized MiCDA Enclave staff. The exact nature of the disclosure risk avoidance review will depend on the type(s) of analysis produced by the Enclave user.

Please read MiCDA Enclave Rules for Pre-Export Disclosure Review before you proceed with your application. You should contact the MiCDA Enclave with any questions concerning the review process.

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