Former External Networks

The goal of MiCDA networks has been to foster national and international collaboration on research in aging.

Psychology and Aging Network
Organizer: Jacqui Smith. This network provides a platform for research collaboration and cross-disciplinary exchange to advance the theory-guided integration of psychological research in population surveys.
Network on Effects of Early Life Conditions on Aging
Organizer: George Alter. A diverse community of researchers is studying links between early-life experiences and health in later life. This network will facilitate coordination within this community and enhance communication across disciplines.
Health and Aging Research in Nepal
Organizer: Amy Pienta. Initiative to identify research on impact of HIV/AIDS on the elderly in Nepal. Network has been exploring the feasibility of fielding a health and well-being survey among older adults living in Nepal and building on relationships with various HIV/AIDS organizations in Nepal to design research questions to better understand the impact of HIV/AIDS on older Nepalese.
Developmental Idealism and Aging
Organizer: Arland Thornton. Purpose is to study developmental idealism (DI) and its effects on aging and intergenerational relationships in countries around the world.
Research Network on AIDS and Older Persons in Africa and Asia
Organizers: John Knodel for Asia & David Lam for Africa. The purpose of this network is to bring together active researchers who study the impact of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and Asia on older persons, as well as the contributions of older persons to how societies cope with AIDS with the goal of exchanging relevant information and fostering collaborative and comparative analyses.
South Africa/Africa Changing Age Structure, Poverty, AIDS
Organizer: David Lam. Lam and colleagues at the University of Cape Town have generated strong interest in poverty, AIDS, and the welfare of older persons in southern Africa. The goal of aging network activities in Africa is to build on these existing ties to expand interest and capacity in research on the economics and demography of aging, especially in southern Africa.
AIDS and Older Persons
Organizer: John Knodel. A network of more than 50 researchers from 11 countries. Focus is impact of HIV/AIDS on older persons, including roles as AIDS caregivers and as care providers for AIDS orphans.
Comparative Analysis of Data on Aging in Developing Countries
Organizers: Mary Beth Ofstedal and Albert Hermalin. An international population aging network with more than 70 members. Goal is to promote comparative research and analysis of the well-being of the elderly in the developing world.