HRS International Sister Studies

Organizer: David Weir

The shared goal of NIA, HRS and MiCDA is to develop cross-nationally comparable longitudinal data on the economics, health and demography of aging. The primary focus of the network over the next 5 years will be to make the most of the research potential for cross-national analytical research from the HRS sister studies that are already underway. We expect that a number of research projects based at Michigan and elsewhere will emerge to exploit data from HRS, the Study of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging (KLOSA), the Costa Rica Estudio de Longevidad y Envejecimiento Saludable (CRELES), and other HRS sister studies over the next several years. In addition, through a combination of workshops and conferences the network will promote and facilitate comparative analysis based on the HRS sister studies.

The network will also continue to assist in the development of new international data collections. The HRS and SRC have provided leadership and help for foreign researchers in designing and implementing aging surveys in their own countries. HRS is currently consulting with researchers from China, Ireland, India, and New Zealand, among others, as they launch or prepare to launch longitudinal studies modeled on HRS. HRS is also consulting with investigators from several studies (e.g., KLOSA) that are planning to add physical measurements and biomarkers to the study protocol.