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Freedman and Spillman find nearly half of those 65+ need some daily assistance

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"Nearly Half of All Seniors Need Help With Daily Activities, Far More Than We Thought" - Forbes. 10/8/2014.

The recent work of Vicki Freedman and colleague Brenda Spillman (Urban Institute) is featured in this article on the reliance among American seniors for help with daily care. Freedman and Spillman found a higher level of need than in previous analyses. Their work also characterizes the living situations of seniors needing care, the type of care they need, and the number and type of caregivers. Finally, the researchers also report on unmet need, finding that at least 16% of all older adults reported one or more "adverse consequences" of inadequate help.

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Vicki Freedman

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"Nearly Half of Older Americans Need Support with Daily Routines" - NewsWise. 10/23/2014.

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