Helen Levy

Levy and Langa find older Americans may not enjoy benefits of internet-based health information

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"The great digital divide in healthcare: Older Americans may be left behind" - Science Daily. 11/12/2014.

In a new study, Helen Levy, Alexander Janke, and Ken Langa found that low health literacy may be keeping older people from the significant benefits offered by internet-based health and and medical information delivery systems, including EMRs. Levy says: "In recent years we have invested many resources in web-based interventions to help improve people's health, such as electronic health records designed to help patients become more active participants in their care. But many older Americans, especially those with low health literacy, may not be prepared for these new tools." The solution? Langa suggests the development of "interventions that target health literacy among older adults to help narrow the gap and reduce the risk of deepening disparities in health access and outcomes."

Additional Media Coverage:

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