Helen Levy

Levy says ACA not increasing early retirements as expected

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"Obamacare not spurring more early retirements yet despite predictions" - Reuters. 10/1/2015.

Despite predictions to the contrary, the implementation of the ACA has not been accompanied by a rise in Americans retiring before age 65. Examining census data for 2014, Helen Levy found no evidence of a shift among American's age 55 to 64 from full-time employment to part-time work, self-employment, or retirement. Levy speculates that the messy initial implementation of the ACA, and the subsequent battles by Republicans to repeal the law may have made older workers hesitant to count on it for retirement. “If I am an older worker and working primarily for the health insurance, that means I’m a cautious, careful person - or perhaps someone with a serious health problem or a spouse with a problem," says Levy.

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Helen Levy

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"The Obamacare Surprise About Retirement" - Forbes. 9/1/2015.

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