Jeffrey Halter

Halter and colleagues examine geroscience in special journal issue

an In The Media Reference

"Researchers working to advance aging research" - Science Daily. 8/17/2016.

In a special issue of the *Journals of Gerontolgoy: Series A*, six papers examine geroscience – an emerging research area that studies how molecular and cellular mechanisms drive common chronic conditions and diseases of older people. Jeffrey Halter is coauthor on two of these papers, written by affiliates of the NIA-funded Geroscience Network. The papers are entitled: “Moving Geroscience into Uncharted Waters,” “Barriers to the Pre-Clinical Development of Therapeutics that Target Aging Mechanisms,” “Evaluating Healthspan in Pre-Clinical Models of Aging and Disease,” “Frameworks for Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trials of Interventions that Target Fundamental Aging Processes,” “Strategies and Challenges in Clinical Trials Targeting Human Aging,” and “Resilience in Aging Mice.” Felipe Sierra, director of NIA’s Division of Aging Biology and an editor of the issue, says: “We hope that research in this area will ultimately translate the findings about aging biology into clinical interventions.”

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