James F. Burke

LA Times cites study by Burke, Skolarus and colleagues on soaring insurance deductibles

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"Soaring insurance deductibles and high drug prices hit sick Americans with a 'double whammy'" - LA Times. 6/6/2019.

Paper "Out-of-pocket costs are on the rise for commonly prescribed neurologic medications" by Callaghan, Reynolds, Banerjee, Kerber, Skolarus, Maglicco, Esper and Burke published in Neurology was cited in the piece in LA Times.

"In 2016, for example, Americans taking multiple sclerosis medications every month paid on average $3,708 a year out of pocket for the drugs. Patients in high-deductible health plans paid even more, with average annual costs of nearly $8,000, according to a study by Callaghan."

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