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Poll finds memory loss a concern often not mentioned to doctors

5/24/2019 feature story

In the May/June 2019 report of the National Poll on Healthy Aging, researchers found that memory problems and dementia were concerns of the majority of respondents, although research has suggests that less than 20 percent of people over 65 will actually be affected by conditions like Alzheimer's. Even so, the poll found that only 5 percent of respondents had talked to their healthcare providers about their concerns about memory loss. According to the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy Innovation, "most haven't sought advice from medical professionals, who could help them understand which steps actually have scientific evidence behind them," says Donovan Maust, M.D., M.S., a U-M geriatric psychiatrist who helped design the poll and analyze the results. "Many people may not realize they could help preserve brain health by managing their blood pressure and blood sugar, getting more physical activity and better sleep, and stopping smoking."

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