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Poll finds memory loss a concern often not mentioned to doctors

James Jackson to receive Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award from AAPOR

Economists explore drop in non-college educated men in labor market since 1960s

MiCDA pilot projects showcased at symposium

Combining Social and Biological Data with Jessica Faul and Colter Mitchell

MiCDA researchers contribute richly to GSA's annual meeting


$3.5M awarded to Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research

Linking longevity and cause of death with early life conditions across four generations

Stability and Change in Health Behavior Profiles of U.S. Adults

Evidence-based guidance for state-level policy in dementia care

How disadvantage contributes to DNA methylation and CVD risk

Validating and enhancing assessment of cognitive aging

Identifying genetic loci linked to cognitive function

MiCDA researchers contribute to new report on the demography of aging

Age differences in negative social relationships

MCUAAAR furthers minority aging health research

Combined gene-environment risks in late-onset Alzheimer's

Linking environmental factors to genetic risk of dementia

Medicaid expansion and changes for low-SES pre-retirees


Context and health: Older Americans compared to British counterparts

Neighborhood disadvantage and changes in stress- and inflammation-related genes

How physical impairment impacts life satisfaction and well-being

How good are automated record linkage methods?

How is community context linked to cognitive function after middle age?

Do we become more anxious or more accepting about dying with age?

Indexing the impact of coexisting chronic conditions on older adults

Promoting physical activity after hospitalization

Using assistive devices to counter declining capacity

Improving diabetes self-management

Helping aging parents and marital satisfaction

Racial differences in stroke caregiving needs and burden

Cognitive impairment and medical decision making

Epigenetics of arteriosclerosis in African Americans

Richer data on life transitions after age 55

Role of psychosocial factors in late-life cognitive functioning

Retirement response of older workers to job computerization


Why do blacks have more post-stroke disability than whites?

Building the capacity of social scientists to conduct genomic research

Living arrangement transitions and health status

Hypertension and variations in stress by age and race

Church connections and health among older Mexican Americans

Evaluating changes in disability at older ages

Tailoring COPD treatment to achieve optimum outcomes

Depression and heart disease

Disability rises slowly among Americans in their 80s and 90s

Tracking dementia in America

Michigan Retirement Research Center focuses on Social Security policy

American women no longer live more disability-free years than men, despite longer lives

Why do black Americans suffer more post-stroke disability?

1940 census data provide early life information to 5 longitudinal studies

Analyzing environmental risks for stroke

How effective are enhanced post-surgical care protocols for Medicare patients?

Effects of county-level income inequality on the health of older adults

Impact of education on longevity during past two decades

Will Boomers embrace entrepreneurship as they move toward retirement age?


Digital divide in access to electronic medical records among older Americans

Linking 50 years of U.S. administrative data for longitudinal analyses

Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research

Social networks and the well-being of older adults

The role of Ubiquilin2 in degenerative brain diseases

Optimism: stable trait or socially constructed?

How available are children and spouses to newly disabled older adults?

How do geriatric conditions accumulate to impact older adult disability?

CHCs and the mortality of older Americans

Data sources on aging in Asia

Follow-up surveys of original LSAY participants focus on mid-life status

Network explores the social determinants of population health and mortality

How does gratitude impact health and happiness in older adulthood?

Health and SES trends by retirement age


Transaction and balance data yield picture of changing finances of older Americans

How does cognitive ability affect awareness of high blood pressure?

Gene-environment interactions and age-related memory decline

Spirituality and health

Validity of new biomeasures to gauge population health disparities

Perceptions of economic status predict views on life mastery and control

The impact of work-limiting disability throughout adulthood

Supporting research on internet/social media use among older adults

Protocols and tools for facilitating access to restricted data

Cancer among Pacific Islanders living in the U.S.

The impact of social relations on health as we age

Food intake, BMI, and retirement transitions


The impact of the recession on health care utilization

Improvements in mid-century survival rates and the health of today's older adults

How the built environment affects late-life mobility

Capturing daily well-being in older couples via the web

Gauging health, wealth and wellbeing in the PSID

Economic costs of dementia in the U.S.

Do chronic stressors accelerate biological aging?

Elective surgery for Medicare recipients

How did U.S. families fare after the Great Recession?