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In the News

Mahmoudi and Langa (Michigan) find hearing aids linked to lower risk of dementia, depression and falls

Langa (Michigan) et al. find married people are less likely to develop dementia

Older heart attack patients with mild cognitive impairment get fewer treatments, according to Langa et al.

Langa and Burke cited in NYT on Alzheimer's diagnosis

Kenneth Langa (Michigan) et al. on lifestyle changes and dementia

Study by Langa, Faul, Weir on dementia prevalence featured in Forbes

Langa, Giordani (Michigan) and co-authors find black adults with high blood pressure showed faster cognitive decline

Common dementia screening tests often misclassify patients, Langa and colleagues find

MiCDA researchers find falling prevalence of dementia among older Americans

Schoeni, Freedman and Langa provide the good and bad news on dementia trends among older Americans

Burgard et al. find sudden loss of wealth at midlife linked to increased risk of mortality

Langa's work adds to evidence linking poor vision to late-life cognitive decline

Langa et al. find rising rates of healthy older Americans are uneven by race, education, and income

How to stay sharp? Walk, talk, and read, says Langa

PRB report looks at the changing face of dementia

Langa says more education and better disease treatments may have led to lower dementia rates among older Americans

Langa says dementia risk tied to cardiovascular system and education level

Langa and colleagues find decline in dementia prevalence among Americans 65+

Iwashyna, Langa and colleagues find socioeconomic links to rates of hospital readmission among older Americans

Langa and Iwashyna investigate basis for higher end-of-life care costs among blacks and Hispanics

Langa says link between parents' and children's longevity is multifaceted

Langa et al find optimism linked to decreased cognitive impairment in those 65 years and older

Langa says new findings underscore impact of education on dementia

Langa says evidence points to declining dementia risk in high-income countries over past two decades

Choi finds parents' heart problems bring adult children closer to home

HRS to collect new data on the aging immune system, dementia, and late boomers

Langa et al. find having a stroke ages a person's brain function by almost 8 years

Langa says seniors taking multiple medications may experience side effects that mimic MCI

Iwashyna says ADL screening/monitoring important for heart attack and stroke survivors

Levy and Langa find older Americans may not enjoy benefits of internet-based health information

Langa, Iwashyna et al. find decreased functionality among heart attack and stroke survivors decade after event

Langa says individual risk of Alzheimer's seems to have declined in U.S.

Choi, Schoeni, Langa, and Heisler find CV events increase likelihood of residential proximity for older parents and adult children

Langa says Alzheimer's nearly as lethal as heart disease and cancer, and more costly to treat

Kenneth Langa says recent studies support decrease in dementia prevalence worldwide

Analysis of dementia costs by Michael Hurd (RAND) and Kenneth Langa (Michigan) cited in USA Today

Zivin says depression rates decreasing among older Americans

Langa says genetic data could clarify link between long-lived parents and healthy adult children found in HRS analysis

NIH-funded study at RAND and University of Michigan estimates costs of dementia

Langa says isolating costs of dementia from other health care costs yields important information

Langa says care-giving resources for dementia key public policy issue

Nicholas et al find advance directives may improve care, cut costs at end of life

Langa says greater older age memory loss among populations in 'stroke belt' connects risk factors

Langa finds aging Boomers less likely than prior generations to develop severe memory loss

Honors & Awards

Nicholas, Langa, Iwashyna, and Weir win award for JAMA paper


MiCDA Researchers present latest findings at PAA 2019

MiCDA well represented at Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting 2018

Langa, Faul, Weir et al report on decreasing prevalence of dementia among Americans in JAMA

Langa gives plenary lecture at 2015 Alzheimer's Disease Research Summit

Langa gives plenary on Alzheimer's treatment and prevention