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MiCDA researchers contribute to new report on the demography of aging

Using assistive devices to counter declining capacity

Racial differences in stroke caregiving needs and burden

Why do blacks have more post-stroke disability than whites?

American women no longer live more disability-free years than men, despite longer lives

Why do black Americans suffer more post-stroke disability?

1940 census data provide early life information to 5 longitudinal studies

Gauging health, wealth and wellbeing in the PSID

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Freedman coauthored study on end-of-life care quality quoted in Wired

Freedman et al. study association between caregivers' wellbeing and daily caregiving experience

Freedman co-authored study on dementia's impact on family and caregivers was cited in The New York Times

New York Times cites study on family and unpaid caregivers by Freedman and co-authors

Schoeni, Freedman and Langa provide the good and bad news on dementia trends among older Americans

PRB's interactive map by gender and state of death rates for Americans age 55+

PRB report looks at the changing face of dementia

Skolarus says greater caregiving needs of black stroke survivors warrant attention

Freedman finds black Americans live more of their older years with disability than white Americans

Study by Freedman, Wolf and Spillman cited in discussion of changing socioeconomic expectations for older Americans

Freedman et al find women are living longer than men, but with fewer disability-free years

Skolarus, Freedman, Burke et al. find home care for stroke survivors averages 22 hours a week and $11,000 a year

Freedman and colleagues report on family caregiving for older adults with dementia

Freedman finds elderly in assisted living get outside more than those in own homes

Freedman cited in piece on new models of residential care for seniors

Freedman and Spillman find nearly half of those 65+ need some daily assistance

Freedman says older husbands take cue from wives on relationship satisfaction

Freedman finds caring for husband adds to wife's happiness

Study by Freedman et al subject of NYT piece on how seniors cope with limitations

Freedman et al. find 69% of older adults need some type of assistance with daily activities

Freedman says disability prevalence varies by age group among older population

Freedman documents connection between neighborhood and cancer among older men and women

Freedman says uptick in middle-age disability suggests need for prevention, early intervention


National Study of Caregiving (NSOC) Extended

MiCDA well represented at Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting 2018