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MiCDA Affiliates conduct sponsored research projects in the following broad areas.

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Integrating Behavioral Economics and Self-Determination Theory to Advance Patient Engagement in Diabetes Prevention (Kullgren, Heisler, Herman, Kim, Resnicow), NIDDK, 2019.

Earlier Introductions to Palliative Care in Older Adults Undergoing High-Risk Surgery (Suwanabol, Silveira, Langa, Li, Dimick, Mody), NIA, 2019.

Understanding the effects of Medicare's home health Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings: patient choice and unintended consequences (Norton, Li, Chen, Ryan, McCullough), AHRQ, 2019.

Enhancing Retrospective Life History Data in the Health and Retirement Study (Smith, Helppie-McFall, Sonnega, Ofstedal, Weir), NIA, 2019.

Housing context and functional health among lower income older adults: The mediating role of social resources (Webster), MiCDA, 2019.

The Cognitive Costs and Benefits of Social Technology use in Older Adulthood (Sharifian), MiCDA, 2019.

Surveying Older Populations using Video Communication Technologies (Conrad), MiCDA, 2019.

University of Michigan Parkinson's Research Center of Excellence (UMPRCE): The Thalamus in Parkinson Disease (Albin, Bohnen, Leventhal, Ojeda, Dauer, Muller, Lustig), Parkinson's Disease Foundation, 2019.

Understanding the effects of the Oncology Care Model on cancer care for dual eligible patients (Herrel, Ryan, Heisler, Hollenbeck, Ayanian, Lantz, Miller), NCI, 2019.

Daily Experiences among Black and White Dementia Caregivers: Implications for Well-being and Cardiovascular Health (Birditt, Polenick, Gonzalez, Antonucci, Mezuk), NIA, 2019.

Trends and Dynamics in Caregiving for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: Extending the National Study of Caregiving (Freedman, Couper), NIA, 2019.

National Health and Aging Trends Study (Freedman, Ehrlich), NIA, 2019.

NIA Biomarker Network Telomere Pilot (Faul, Mitchell), NIA, 2019.

Examining self-employment and the transition to retirement among older adults in the United States (Abramowitz), SSA, 2019.

Improving Post-acute Care to Reduce Ethnic Stroke Disparities (Morgenstern, Lisabeth, Sanchez, Mehdipanah), NINDS, 2019.

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