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Understanding the Connections among Genes, Environment, Family Processes, and Mental Health (Axinn, Ghimire, Mitchell), NIMH, 2017.

Functional Resistance Training during Gait: A Novel Intervention to Improve Knee Function after ACL Reconstruction (Krishnan, Spino, Peterson, Palmieri-Smith, Wojtys), NICHD, 2017.

Couples' Health to Better Portray Individuals' Health, Trajectories, and Outcomes (Mejia, Gonzalez, Smith), NIA, 2017.

Strategies to Enhance Pneumonia Care via Intermediate Intensive Care (STEP-IN) (Cooke, Ryan, Iwashyna, Nallamothu, Richardson), NHLBI, 2017.

Race/Ethnicity, DNA Methylation, and Disparities in Cardiovascular Mortality: NHANES 1999-2002 (Needham, Smith, Zhou, Mukherjee), NIMHD, 2017.

Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research-Bridge Funds (Jackson, Mitchell, Taylor, Antonucci, Pienta, Smith), NIA, 2017.

Life Course Determinants of Epigenetic Age Acceleration and Subsequent Dementia (Schmitz, Kardia, Weir, Sartor, Dolinoy, Smith), NIA, 2017.

Reach Out: Randomized Clinical Trial of Emergency Department-Initiated Hypertension Behavioral Intervention Connecting Multiple Health Systems (Meurer, Cunningham, Brown, Skolarus, Kidwell, Buis, Montas), NIMHD, 2017.

Chronic diseases and physical functioning: development and validation of an ICD-coded multimorbidity index (Wei, Langa), SGIM, 2017.

FACTORS IN AGING: Best Practices in Archiving and Sharing Longitudinal Data Resources on Aging (McNally, Levenstein, Pienta, Marcotte, Lyle, Alter, Schneider), NIA, 2017.

Earlier Introductions to Palliative Care in Older Adults Undergoing High-Risk Surgery (Suwanabol, Li, Silveira, Mody, Hinshaw, Dimick, Langa), American College of Surgeons, 2017.

Extension of "Assessing and Improving Cognitive Measurement in the HRS" Amendment to Analyze and Extract Saliva and DNA (Helppie-McFall, Smith, Kardia, Bielak), NIA, 2017.

Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging--Visualizing Age Standardized Death Rates Supplement (Bound, Sonnega, Freedman), NIA, 2017.

Using metabolomics to identify novel biomarkers for knee osteoarthritis risk (Karvonen-Gutierrez, Harlow, Burant, Nan, Karnovsky), NIA, 2017.

Home-based team transitional telecare to optimize mobility and physical activity in recently hospitalized older Veterans (Alexander, Cigolle, Deneweth Zendler), Michigan Health Endowment Fund, 2017.

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