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Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Promoting Healthy Aging for People with Long-Term Physical Disabilities (Meade, Mahmoudi, Clarke, McKee, Peterson, Suzuki, Pienta, Parker, D'Souza, Kamdar), HHS-AA, 2018.

Addressing Low Vision due to Severe Peripheral Field Loss: Development and Validation of a Patient-Centered Outcome Measure (Ehrlich), NEI, 2018.

The prevalence, distribution and correlates of disability and comorbidity in the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander aging population: results of a population-based study (Panapasa), NIA, 2018.

Vision Impairment, Participation and Subjective Wellbeing in Older Adults (Ehrlich), NIA, 2018.

Measuring Alzheimer's Disease in Arabic-Speaking Populations (Ajrouch), NIA, 2018.

Investigating the Role of Proteostasis Regulator, Ubiquilin 2, in Synucleinopathies and Tauopathies (Gerson, Paulson, Barmada), NIA, 2018.

Does Incident Diagnosis of Age-Related Eye Disease Increase the Likelihood of Falls in Older Adults? (Ehrlich), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, 2018.

The Influence of Early -Life Economic Shocks and Genetic Diversity on Long-term Economic Outcome (Duque, Schmitz), Weinberg Endowment, 2018.

Longitudinal and Intergenerational Determinants of Aging and Mortality (Bailey), NIA, 2018.

Socio-Environmental Factors Associated with Healthy Aging after Spinal Cord Injury (Clarke, Tate, Meade), Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, 2018.

Aging trajectories of chronic disease, psychological morbidity, and mortality in spinal cord injury. (Peterson, Tate, Kamdar, Chiodo), Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, 2018.

Poverty Dynamics in the United States (Pfeffer), Peter G. Peterson Foundation, 2018.

A Social Epigenomic Approach to Health Disparities in Cardiovascular Risk Factors (Smith, Mukherjee, Zhou, Kardia, Needham), NHLBI, 2018.

Patient, Caregiver, and Regional Drivers of Potentially Inappropriate Medical Care for Dementia: Building the Foundation for State Dementia Policy (Maust, Kim, Langa, Zivin, Kales), NIA, 2018.

Cody Rouge CHW Demonstration Project (Heisler, Kieffer), Wilson Foundation, 2018.

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