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Enhancing Workforce Capacity for Behavioral Dementia Care Using the DICE Approach (Kales, Blow, Blazek, Struble, Maust, Barry, Maixner, Sherman), HHS-HCFA, 2017.

Health Differences at Older Ages between U.S. and England - Role of Local Contextual Factors (Choi, Heisler, Langa, Clarke), NIA, 2017.

Cognitive impairment in Mexican Americans: a population-based study (Morgenstern, Mehdipanah, Heeringa, Langa, Levine), NINDS, 2017.

Improving the Health of Low-SES Americans Approaching Retirement Under the Affordable Care Act (Tipirneni, Ayanian, Langa, Levy, Creswell, Zivin, Maust), NIA, 2017.

Cumulative and synergistic impact of chronic diseases on physical functioning in older adults: development and validation of a novel measure of multimorbidity (Wei, Langa, McMahon Jr, Hofer, Chopra, Min, Zhu, Alexander), NIA, 2017.

How Does Automated Record Linkage Affect Inferences about Population Health? (Bailey, Massey, Adar), NIA, 2017.

Cognitive Resilience and Community Context: Examining the role of Neighborhood Built and Social Environments for Slowing the Progression of Dementia among older Americans (Clarke, Colabianchi, Elliott), NIA, 2017.

Characterizing disparities in late-onset Alzheimer's disease risk through polygenic risk and epidemiologic factors in the Health and Retirement Survey (Ware, Langa, Heeringa, Smith, Kardia, Faul, Bakulski), NIA, 2017.

FACTORS IN AGING: Best Practices in Archiving and Sharing Longitudinal Data Resources on Aging (Supplement) (McNally, Lyle, Leonard), NIA, 2017.

Enhancing Retrospective Life History Data in the Health and Retirement Study: Administrative Supplement (Smith, Willis, Sonnega, Helppie-McFall), NIA, 2017.

UPSTART: Using Peer Support to Aid Prevention of Diabetes (Heisler, Richardson, Kullgren), NIDDK, 2017.

Understanding the Connections among Genes, Environment, Family Processes, and Mental Health (Axinn, Ghimire, Mitchell), NIMH, 2017.

Functional Resistance Training during Gait: A Novel Intervention to Improve Knee Function after ACL Reconstruction (Krishnan, Spino, Peterson, Palmieri-Smith, Wojtys), NICHD, 2017.

Couples' Health to Better Portray Individuals' Health, Trajectories, and Outcomes (Mejia, Gonzalez, Smith), NIA, 2017.

Strategies to Enhance Pneumonia Care via Intermediate Intensive Care (STEP-IN) (Cooke, Ryan, Iwashyna, Nallamothu, Richardson), NHLBI, 2017.

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