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Longitudinal and Intergenerational Determinants of Aging and Mortality (Bailey, Massey), NIA, 2018.

Socio-Environmental Factors Associated with Healthy Aging after Spinal Cord Injury (Clarke, Tate, Meade), Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, 2018.

Aging trajectories of chronic disease, psychological morbidity, and mortality in spinal cord injury. (Peterson, Tate, Kamdar, Chiodo), Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, 2018.

A Social Epigenomic Approach to Health Disparities in Cardiovascular Risk Factors (Smith, Mukherjee, Zhou, Kardia, Needham), NHLBI, 2018.

Patient, Caregiver, and Regional Drivers of Potentially Inappropriate Medical Care for Dementia: Building the Foundation for State Dementia Policy (Maust, Kim, Langa, Zivin, Kales), NIA, 2018.

The Impact of Social Isolation on Receipt of Cataract Surgery in Older Adults (Ehrlich), ASCRS, 2018.

The Lifecycle of Health Data: Polices and Practices (Kardia, Manion, De Vries, Friedman, Platt, Prosser, Spector-Bagdady), NCI, 2018.

THRIVE Network: Educating Dementia Caregivers on Wellness and Self-Care (Rice-Oeschger, Paulson), Michigan Health Endowment Fund, 2018.

HRS Yrs 29-34 HCAP (Langa, Weir, Ryan, Levine, Giordani, Heeringa, Faul), NIA, 2018.

HRS Yrs 29-34 (Weir, Langa, Ofstedal, Abramowitz, Brown, Levy, Couper, Fang, Faul, Heeringa, Kardia, Lee, Ryan, Smith, Smith, Sonnega, Ware, Willis, Kézdi), NIA, 2018.

Understanding the relationship between Medicare's Readmission Reduction program and 30-day readmissions among patients in Michigan with private insurance (Kaye, Miller, Dupree, Ellimoottil, Norton), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, 2017.

ARMADA: Advancing Reliable Measurement in Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive Aging. Subcontract with Northwestern (Giordani, Zahodne, Dodge), NIA, 2017.

LBDA Research Centers of Excellence (RCOE) Program (Paulson), Lewy Body Dementia Association, Inc., 2017.

Enhancing Workforce Capacity for Behavioral Dementia Care Using the DICE Approach (Kales, Blow, Blazek, Struble, Maust, Barry, Maixner, Sherman), HHS-HCFA, 2017.

Health Differences at Older Ages between U.S. and England - Role of Local Contextual Factors (Choi, Heisler, Langa, Clarke), NIA, 2017.

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