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Daily Experiences among Black and White Dementia Caregivers: Implications for Well-being and Cardiovascular Health (Birditt, Polenick, Gonzalez, Antonucci, Mezuk), NIA, 2019.

Trends and Dynamics in Caregiving for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: Extending the National Study of Caregiving (Freedman, Couper), NIA, 2019.

Examining self-employment and the transition to retirement among older adults in the United States (Abramowitz), SSA, 2019.

Improving Post-acute Care to Reduce Ethnic Stroke Disparities (Morgenstern, Lisabeth, Sanchez, Mehdipanah), NINDS, 2019.

Outdoor Environmental Facilitators and Barriers of Stroke Survivors: Mobility and Functional Status (Colabianchi, Twardzik, Lisabeth, Clarke, Brown, Morgenstern, Alexander), NICHD, 2019.

Geographic variation in neurologic care (Lin, Callaghan, Burke, Skolarus, Kerber), American Academy of Neurology, 2019.

Brain Attack Surveillance in Corpus Christi (BASIC) Project (Lisabeth, Morgenstern, Burke, Brown, Kim), NINDS, 2019.

Assessing the Interplay of Vision with Cognitive Functioning, Balance, and Falls in Middle-aged Women (Musch, Moroi, Harlow, Gillespie, Karvonen-Gutierrez), NEI, 2019.

Attachment Behaviors in Parent Child Dyads Coping with Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (Birditt), NIA, 2019.

Optimizing Safe Medication Use in Older Adults via In-home Telepharmacy (Cigolle, Harmes), Michigan Health Endowment Fund, 2019.

University of Michigan Long Term Care Data Archive 2018-2019 (Bynum), CMS, 2018.

Michigan Retirement and Disability Research Center (MRDRC) (Laitner, Silverman, Stolyarov, Schoeni, Bound, Tesar), SSA, 2018.

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Promoting Healthy Aging for People with Long-Term Physical Disabilities (Meade, Mahmoudi, Clarke, McKee, Peterson, Suzuki, Pienta, Parker, D'Souza, Kamdar), HHS-AA, 2018.

Alzheimer's Disease Risk and Ethnic Factors: The Case of Arab Americans (Ajrouch, Zahodne, Antonucci), NIA, 2018.

Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (Jackson, Taylor, Smith, Antonucci), NIA, 2018.

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