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Racial Disparities in Health: The Roles of Stress, Social Relations and the Cardiovascular System (Birditt, Antonucci, Gonzalez, Najarian, Jackson), NIA, 2016.

How does health interface with living arrangements? (Liang, Ofstedal), NIA, 2016.

Genomic Analysis for Social-Behavioral Scientists (Faul, Mitchell, Kardia, Smith, Ware), NIA, 2016.

BioCADDIE (Biomedical and healthCAre Data Discovery and Indexing Engine)-Year 3 (Alter, Pienta, Lyle), NIAID, 2016.

Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research (P30DK092926 Renewal) (Herman, Hayward, Israel, Hofer, Richardson, Heisler, Piette, An, Funnell, Ye, Prosser, Baveja), NIDDK, 2016.

Attitudes and Self-related Beliefs about Aging: Impact on Health and Well-being (Smith), AARP, 2016.

Optimization of a Multicomponent Diet Intervention in Type 2 Diabetes (Saslow, Aikens, Piette, Burant, Heisler), NIDDK, 2016.

Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Core Center (Paulson, Giordani, Hampstead, Heidebrink, Persad, Rose, Dodge, Dinov, Koeppe, Guan, Ye, Lieberman, Barmada, Todd, Roberts, Barbas, Albin, Langa, Burke, Rice-Oeschger, Yung, Petrou, Wiens, Burant, Alexander), NIA, 2016.

Health, Wealth, and Time Use Over the Life Course and Across Generations (Freedman, Brown, McGonagle, Pfeffer, Schoeni, Colabianchi, Heeringa, Raghunathan, Langa), NIA, 2016.

Family Dynamics, Fertility, and Investments in Children Across Generations-Administrative Supplement (Sastry, McGonagle), NICHD, 2016.

Rural Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment and Chronic Disease: A Mixed Methods Study of Social and Health Factors in Their Care (Cigolle), MiCDA, 2016.

Muscle weakness among older adults: A silent epidemic (Clarke), MiCDA, 2016.

Transition to Adulthood within its Life Course & Intergenerational Family Context (Sastry, McGonagle, Schoeni, Axinn, Almirall, Bloome, Pfeffer, Fomby, Davis-Kean), NICHD, 2016.

Midwest Workshop on Big Neuroscience Data, Tools, Protocols & Services (Dinov, Alter, Gonzalez), NSF, 2016.

SWAN Repository IV (Resubmission) (Harlow, Kardia, McConnell, Peyser, Smith), NIA, 2016.

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