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Researcher Credentialing for Secure Data Access (Levenstein, Lyle, Pienta, Marcotte, Savolainen), Sloan, 2017.

Enhancing Michigan Workforce Capacity for Behavioral Dementia Care Using the DICE Approach (MiDICE) (Kales, Blow, Blazek, Struble, Maust, Barry, Maixner, Sherman), Michigan Health Endowment Fund, 2017.

Panel Study of Income Dynamics - 2017 Philanthropy Module (Wave 40) and CDS 2014 (Johnson, McGonagle, Sastry), Templeton, John, 2017.

TRI-Developing a personalized Guardian system to assist aging drivers through machine learning, sensor fusion and data mining (Murphey, Liu, Molnar, Giordani, Eby, Persad, Patel), Toyota Research Institute, 2017.

Continuity and Change in American Economic and Social Life: The PSID 2012 - 2016 (17-20 Supplement) (Brown, McGonagle, Sastry), NSF, 2017.

The Cognitive Demands of Work and the Length of Working Life: The Case of Computerization (Willis), Sloan, 2016.

Racial Disparities in Health: The Roles of Stress, Social Relations and the Cardiovascular System (Birditt, Antonucci, Gonzalez, Najarian, Jackson), NIA, 2016.

Social Relations, Aging and Health: Competing Theories and Emerging Complexities - Kabo Administrative Supplement (Antonucci, Kabo), NIA, 2016.

Psychosocial protective factors in cognitive and brain aging (Zahodne), NIA, 2016.

Internet Interviewing and the HRS (Weir, Couper, Langa), NIA, 2016.

School Quality and Racial Disparities in Alzheimer's Disease in Project Talent (Zahodne), NIA, 2016.

BioCADDIE (Biomedical and healthCAre Data Discovery and Indexing Ecosystem-Supplement 2 (Alter), NIAID, 2016.

A Community Based Participatory Trial to Increase Stroke Treatment (Skolarus, Zimmerman, Sales, Morgenstern, Burke, Meurer), NIMHD, 2016.

Understanding the Connections among Genes, Environment, Family Processes, and Mental Health (Axinn, Ghimire, Mitchell), NIMH, 2016.

How does health interface with living arrangements? (Liang, Ofstedal), NIA, 2016.

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