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Geriatric Conditions and Disablement in the Older Adult Population

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: Christine Cigolle

Funding: National Institute on Aging, 2010-2016 (1 K08 AG 031837 01 A2)

Geriatric conditions, though frequently unrecognized or overlooked, are important contributors to the complex health status of older adults. This study investigates the place of geriatric conditions in the disablement pathway of older adults. It examines five geriatric conditions – dementia, falls, urinary incontinence, poor nutrition, and multisensory impairment – and proposes a conceptual model in which geriatric conditions share common risk factors, have an accelerated trajectory of accumulation in older adults, and result in common outcomes (e.g., disability). Testing of this model involves (1) examining the incidence and longitudinal course of geriatric conditions, beginning with adults in middle age and extending to the oldest old; and (2) examining geriatric conditions as a predictor of disability.

By investigating how geriatric conditions begin, accumulate, and co-occur in older adults over time, this study will add new knowledge about the place of geriatric conditions in the disablement process. Its focus on geriatric conditions in their pre-clinical phase will inform the framework for interventions to prevent or delay the clinical progression of these conditions.

Research Signature Theme:

Health and well-being in later life: Disability

Country of Focus: USA