Carlos Mendes de Leon photo

Trust in Health Care and Racial Disparities in an Aging Population

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: Carlos Mendes de Leon

Funding (subcontract): National Institute on Aging, 2011-2014 (5 R01 AG 033172 03)

Dr. Mendes de Leon will work closely with Dr. Jacobs at the University of Wisconsin (PI) and the Investigators and the programming staff at Rush University Medical Center to develop the statistical plans for the analysis of the data and the interpretation of the findings. He will also assist in the preparation of manuscripts. The University of Michigan subcontract will also be responsible for obtaining UM IRB approval to participate in these tasks, executing data use agreements if necessary, and maintain approvals for the duration of the study.

Research Signature Theme:

Health and well-being in later life: Disparities

Country of Focus: USA