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Impacts of Mortality: Project TALENT 50 Years Later

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: James McNally

Funding: National Institute on Aging, 2013-2015 (1 R03 AG 045509 01)

Project TALENT is a nationally representative longitudinal study created to assess the aspirations and abilities of America's young men and women in high school as of 1960. Project TALENT collected extensive information on characteristics and cognitive abilities of approximately 377,000 individuals in 1960 and administered subsequent follow-up studies through age 30. Project TALENT?s large sample size, extensive background questionnaire, and cognitive measures has made it a premier study for social science research, engaging multiple disciplines within a largely seamless research framework. Now that the original Project TALENT respondents are entering their 60?s, the study is uniquely suited for the study of lifecourse outcomes as its large national sample provides a level of detail and statistical power required to study disparities in health, socioeconomic characteristics and other important aspects of lifecourse transitions. This application requests funds to support work by NACDA in the development of enhanced archival research materials and extraction tools that facilitate the use of the Project TALENT in the analysis of mortality outcomes. Specifically we will introduce Enhancements for Mortality Linkages by taking the recently completed NDI links made for the Baseline sample and incorporating them into the Project TALENT data collection. We will organize this information in a way that brings them to the same archival standards as the Baseline files as well as performing appropriate confidential reviews and data sharing procedures to simplify safe access to the files. We will also introduce Enhancements to Value-Added Support Services that will significantly enhance the existing documentation for the Project TALENT study by introducing new information to facilitate the use of the files for mortality analysis; including the capacity to use Project TALENT data as part of our web-based analysis systems for preliminary analysis. Finally, we will offer users access to existing and emerging publications that use the data from this study through our dynamic online bibliography, providing stable links to all electronically available publications related to this important study.

Research Signature Themes:

Health and well-being in later life: Life Course Determinants
Health and well-being in later life: Mortality