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Interplay of Genetic & Socioeconomic Predictors of Memory Decline in Older Adults

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: Jessica Faul, Jennifer A. Smith, Sharon L. R. Kardia, Colter Mitchell, David Weir

Funding: National Institute on Aging, 2014-2017 (1 R03 AG 048806 01)

Using data from the Health and Retirement Study, a nationally representative longitudinal study of persons over age 50, this project will use genetic data and state-of-the art analytic methods to investigate the relationship between genes, early and midlife socioeconomic status, and episodic memory. Understanding the underlying genetic and gene-environment interactions associated with age-related memory decline may help to reveal the mechanisms of disease, and may also provide targets for potential intervention, treatment, and prevention.

Research Signature Themes:

Health and well-being in later life: Dementia and Cognitive Impairment
Aging, Genetics, and Social Science