Sharon L. R. Kardia photo

A Multi-Ethnic Study of Gene-Lifestyle Interactions in Cardiovascular Traits

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: Sharon L. R. Kardia, Jennifer A. Smith, Lawrence F. Bielak

Funding (subcontract): National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute, 2014-2018 (1 R01 HL 118305 01 A1)

Investigators at the University of Michigan will be responsible for the database management and statistical analysis for all Aims of the proposed project using the GENOA GWAS and Exome Chip data. We will also act as a meta-analysis center for the project, and Dr. Kardia will serve on the Analysis Committee. We will work closely with Dr. Rao and the investigators to prepare and publish manuscripts on a timely basis and to assure that the results generated in the project are released into the public domain in a timely manner.

Research Signature Theme:

Aging, Genetics, and Social Science