Toni C. Antonucci

Humility and Forgiveness: The Role of Social Relations among Three Ethnic Groups

Research Project Description

Humility and forgiveness may have significant implications for well-being on an individual and societal level. Although each is a personal characteristic, both develop through social relationships. This project explores the importance of social networks – especially those involving close family and friends – in the development of humility and forgiveness, and ultimately well-being. We use an innovative multi-method approach to survey racially and ethnically diverse adults from the Detroit metropolitan area, analyzing pathways through which individuals acquire humility and forgiveness. Expected outputs include a data archive, scientific presentations and publications, and media and practitioner outreach. We hope this work will create a new focus within social relations research that links to character development and well-being across the life span. We also hope to stimulate related practice and program initiatives. Finally, we envision this work being expanded internationally in an effort to foster worldwide humility, forgiveness, and peace.

Funding: John Templeton Foundation (55895)

Funding Period: 3/5/2015 to 3/3/2018

International Focus: United States of America