Rodney A. Hayward

RWJ Clinical Scholars Admin Program and Scholars Proposal 2015-2017

Research Project Description
Rodney A. Hayward, Matthew M. Davis, Michele Heisler, Timothy P. Hofer, Joyce M. Lee, Joel D. Howell, Antonius S. Tsai, Eve Askanas Kerr, Sara L. Warber, Theodore J. Iwashyna, Laurence F. McMahon Jr, Gary L. Freed, Mary AM Rogers, Caroline R. Richardson, Vineet Chopra, Tammy Chang

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at the University of Michigan has established a rigorous curriculum, with enhanced and mentored research practicum and exciting opportunities to engage in community-based and partnered participatory research. The curriculum is based on adult learning theory and integrates research theory and practical applications. This curriculum will fulfill requirements for a Master?s Degree in Health and Health Care Research, a degree program that was designed specifically to meet the needs of the Clinical Scholars at the University of Michigan. These above courses make up the central components of the first year of Clinical Scholars Program at the University of Michigan. The second year of the Clinical Scholars Program is primarily devoted to research, with the Scholars? Research Committee continuing as an advisory committee. Education in the second year focuses more closely to each Scholar?s specific needs. In the second year the Scholars also participate in a ?"Work-in-Progress Seminar? led by one of the Program Directors. Throughout all years of the program, Scholars participate in the Clinical Scholars noon health Seminar. This is a weekly 1.5 hour seminar which will alternate between presentation of research findings by Scholars, faculty, or invited guests, and presentations about health policy by Michigan faculty and invited guests. All Scholars are expected to attend the seminar each week, as well as the CSP Leadership, most Core Faculty, and selected guests.

Funding: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Letter of Agreement ID# 72721)

Funding Period: 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2017