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Factors in Aging: Development Research Resources-Supplement

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: James McNally, George C. Alter

Funding: National Institute on Aging, 2015-2017 (3 P30 AG 004590 31 S1)

This project will produce a prototype tool linking measures on the GEM website to variables in datasets on the ICPSR website. Many of the measures posted on GEM correspond to data archived at ICPSR. This project takes advantage of ICPSR?s Social Science Variables Database (SSVD), which offers online searching of more than 4 million variables in about 4,000 data collections. The outcome of the project will allow a researcher to select a measure on the GEM website and initiate a search on the ICPSR website returning a list of variables corresponding to the GEM measure.

Research Signature Theme:

Survey Measurement and Methods: Archiving