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National Death Index Linkage for NSAL and NSBA

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: James S. Jackson

Funding: HHS-PHS-National Institutes of Health, 2015-2016 (HHSN275201500384P)

The purpose of this contract is to purchase the NSAL and NSBA data with mortality information, which will be obtained by the contractor as they link the two sets of data to the National Death Index (NDI). Specifically, the contractor will provide all resources necessary to accomplish the tasks and deliverables described in this Statement of Work (SOW). The contractor shall provide NSAL and NSBA data to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) so that the CDC can perform the data linkage between NSAL, NSBA, and NDI. The contractor will integrate the data retrieved from NDI into the NSAL and NSBA datasets, and provide a copy of these datasets to NIMHD.

Research Signature Theme:

Health and well-being in later life: Mortality