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Dementia Prevalence over Time: Proximate Causes and Consequences

a MiCDA Research Project Description

Investigators: Kenneth M. Langa, Jessica Faul

Funding (subcontract): National Institute on Aging, 2016-2018 (R 01 AG 053972)

Dr. Kenneth Langa will collaborate with Michael Hurd, PhD and other RAND researchers on a research project designed to determine the full current societal costs of dementia in the United States, as well as projections of future costs, based on estimates of future prevalence, as well as changes in demographics in the United States. The proposed studies will build on prior collaborative work on dementia costs by:
1) Identifying costs of dementia at the household level over time, and its effect on the economic position of affected households);
2) Extending our model of the probability of dementia by the inclusion of publicly-available genetics information available from the HRS; and
3) Making projections for the future societal costs of dementia based on estimates of future prevalence and changing demographics.

Research Signature Theme:

Health and well-being in later life: Dementia and Cognitive Impairment