Donovan T. Maust

University of Michigan Injury Center SUPP 16

Research Project Description
Rebecca Cunningham, Peter F. Ehrlich, Maureen A. Walton, Cleopatra Howard Caldwell, Carol Ann Flannagan, Marc A. Zimmerman, Amy S B Bohnert, Justin E. Heinze, Jenifer Jane Martin, Sarah Anne Stoddard, Patrick Michael Carter, Jason Elliott Goldstick, Steven P. Broglio, James A. Cranford, Gina Dahlem, Donovan T. Maust, Lewei Lin, Kenneth Resnicow, Golfo Tzilos Wernette, Andria B. Eisman

The University of Michigan Injury Center is a comprehensive ICRC that integrates all phases of injury prevention and control across the spectrum of age groups. The Center is supplemented by the vast (and unique in the Midwest) educational, research, outreach, and policy resources of the University of Michigan (U-M), whose injury faculty and practitioners are ready to address the burden of injury in Michigan, regionally, and nationally. The Center has more than a decade of experience in conducting injury prevention research, outreach and translation, and educating the next generation of injury scientists and practitioners. The mission of the Center is to conduct high-quality research and training, to translate scientific discoveries into practice and policy, and to reduce injuries and violence.
The proposed Center is organized around four multidisciplinary cores (Administrative, Outreach with a Policy Workgroup, Training & Education, and Research with a Statistics & Methods Section) and three research projects. The research grants focus on translating proven prevention programs into practice and evaluation of the effectiveness of current injury prevention policies. Our work is focused on translating effective prevention strategies and policy, particularly in the areas of concussion, youth violence, transportation safety, sexual violence, and prescription drug overdose
The Center will continue teaching and mentoring undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, as well as junior faculty across disciplines, including medicine, public health, behavioral and social sciences, biostatistics, biomechanics, epidemiology, law, criminal justice, nursing, kinesiology, and policy. In addition, we will provide outreach, technical assistance, and consultation on translating research into practice through supporting relationships with state health departments across the US, as well as local researchers and practitioners. The Center supports the Midwest Injury Prevention Alliance, serves on The Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research council of centers, and provides the framework for a coordinated and collaborative injury prevention agenda serving the Midwest with active reach throughout the country.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(3 R49 CE 002009 05 S1)

Funding Period: 8/1/2017 to 7/31/2019