Laura Beth Zahodne

ARMADA: Advancing Reliable Measurement in Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive Aging. Subcontract with Northwestern

Research Project Description
Bruno J. Giordani, Laura Beth Zahodne, Hiroko Dodge

Aging-associated cognitive decline can profoundly affect the independence, well-being, and quality of life of those aged 65 and older. Development of effective interventions and treatments for this requires standard, psychometrically sound, easy-to-use measures that are sensitive to early indicators of cognitive decline and also capture non-cognitive factors associated with cognitive changes. Advancing Reliable Measurement in Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive Aging (ARMADA) proposes to meet this need by validating and expanding the NIH Toolbox for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function (NIHTB) for use in studies of cognitive aging beginning with normal cognition through progression into mild cognitive impairment and into early stages of Alzheimer's dementia.

To ensure that the NIHTB will be a valuable resource for cognitive aging research this cross-university project team, based at Northwestern University, will: 1) Validate English and Spanish versions of an expanded NIHTB (the NIHTB+) in existing, well-characterized, ethnically and racially diverse samples of adults ages 65-85 representing the trajectory of cognitive aging and in cognitively normal individuals 86+ years of age. 2) Expand the NIHTB by adding innovative instruments to assess neurological functions associated with cognitive aging; and 3) Facilitate use of the NIHTB+ in aging research by ensuring it is a readily available resource with robust user support.

At Michigan, MiCDA affiliate Bruno Giordani directs the development and implementation of Toolbox assessment approaches that are used in this project, including cognitive, motor, and behavioral measurements, in collaboration with the other Co-Is. Giordani and MiCDA colleague Laura Beth Zahodne train project staff in cognitive assessment and the collection and analysis of data. Giordani also will direct the interpretation of results from this site and collaborate in publications and analyses as data is accumulated across the sites. Hiroko Dodge will assist on a national level, collaborating on the overall data analyses.

National Institute on Aging
(subcontract: 1 U2C AG 057441 01)

Funding Period: 11/1/2017 to 4/30/2019