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Daw, Jonathan, Ashton M. Verdery, and Sarah Patterson. Forthcoming. "Beyond household walls: the spatial structure of American extended kinship networks." Mathematical Population Studies. DOI. Abstract.

Patterson, Sarah. Forthcoming. "Educational Attainment Differences in Attitudes toward Provisions of IADL Care for Older Adults in the U.S." Journal of Aging and Social Policy.

Frank, Charles R., Xiaoling Xiang, Brian C. Stagg, and Joshua Ehrlich. 2019. "Longitudinal Associations of Self-reported Vision Impairment With Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Among Older Adults in the United States." JAMA Ophthalmology, 137(7): 793-800. DOI. Abstract.

Stephens, Melvin, and Takashi Unayama. 2019. "Estimating the Impacts of Program Benefits: Using Instrumental Variables with Underreported and Imputed Data." The Review of Economics and Statistics, 101(3): 468-475. DOI. Abstract.

Freedman, Vicki, and Judith D. Kasper. 2019. "Cohort Profile: The National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS)." International Journal of Epidemiology, 48(4): 1044-1045g. DOI. Abstract.

Xiang, Xiaoling, Vicki Freedman, Khushali Shah, Rita X. Hu, Brian C. Stagg, and Joshua Ehrlich. Forthcoming. "Self-reported Vision Impairment and Subjective Well-being in Older Adults: A Longitudinal Mediation Analysis." The Journals of Gerontology: Series A. DOI. Abstract.

Hoffman, G., Sarah Burgard, C. Mendez-Luck, and J. Gaugler. Forthcoming. "Interdependence in Health and Functioning Among Older Spousal Caregivers and Care Recipients." Western Journal of Nursing Research. DOI. Abstract.

Erekson, Elisabeth, Kaitlin A. Hagan, Andrea Austin, Donald Carmichael, Vatche A. Minassian, Francine Grodstein, and Julie P W Bynum. 2019. "Outpatient Evaluation and Management Visits for Urinary Incontinence in Older Women." Journal of Urology, 0(0): 10.1097/JU.0000000000000223. DOI. Abstract.

Borza, Tudor, Edward Norton, Mary K. Oerline, Ted A. Skolarus, Justin B. Dimick, Bruce L. Jacobs, Lindsey A. Herrel, Chad Ellimoottil, et al. 2019. "Association Between Hospital Participation in Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations and Readmission Following Major Surgery." Annals of Surgery, Publish Ahead of Print. DOI. Abstract.

Markovitz, Adam A., John M. Hollingsworth, John Z. Ayanian, Edward Norton, Nicholas M. Moloci, Phyllis L. Yan, and Andrew M. Ryan. 2019. "Risk Adjustment In Medicare ACO Program Deters Coding Increases But May Lead ACOs To Drop High-Risk Beneficiaries." Health Affairs, 38(2): 253-261. DOI. Abstract.

Bergmans, Rachel S., Kara Zivin, and Briana Mezuk. 2019. "Depression, food insecurity and diabetic morbidity: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study." Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 117: 22-29. DOI. Abstract.

Whitney, Daniel G., and Mark D. Peterson. 2019. "The Association Between Differing Grip Strength Measures and Mortality and Cerebrovascular Event in Older Adults: National Health and Aging Trends Study." Frontiers in Physiology, 9. DOI. Abstract.

Skolarus, Lesli E., James F. Burke, Annette McBride, Anne E. Sales, Marc A. Zimmerman, Casey L. Corches, Zach Landis-Lewis, Maria Cielito Robles, et al. 2019. "Stroke Ready: a multi-level program that combines implementation science and community-based participatory research approaches to increase acute stroke treatment: protocol for a stepped wedge trial." Implementation Science, 14(1): 24. DOI. Abstract.

Whitney, Daniel G., Edward A. Hurvitz, and Mark D. Peterson. 2019. "Cardiometabolic disease, depressive symptoms, and sleep disorders in middle-aged adults with functional disabilities: NHANES 2007-2014." Disability and Rehabilitation, 0(0): 1-6. DOI. Abstract.

Xiang, Xiaoling, Ashley Zuverink, Walter Rosenberg, and Elham Mahmoudi. 2019. "Social work-based transitional care intervention for super utilizers of medical care: a retrospective analysis of the bridge model for super utilizers." Social Work in Health Care, 58(1): 126-141. DOI. Abstract.

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