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Assari, Shervin, Amanda Sonnega, Renee Pepin, and Amanda Leggett. Forthcoming. "Residual Effects of Restless Sleep over Depressive Symptoms on Chronic Medical Conditions: Race by Gender Differences." Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. DOI. Abstract.

Leggett, Amanda, Renee Pepin, Amanda Sonnega, and Shervin Assari. 2016. "Predictors of New Onset Sleep Medication and Treatment Utilization Among Older Adults in the United States." Journals of Gerontology A: Biological and Medical Sciences, 71(7): 954-960. PMCID: PMC4906325. DOI. Abstract.

Assari, Shervin, and Amanda Sonnega. Forthcoming. "Racial differences in the predictive role of high depressive symptoms on incident heart disease over 18 Years: Results from the Health and Retirement Study." Research in Cardiovascular Medicine. DOI. Abstract.

Fisher, Gwenith, Lindsay H. Ryan, Amanda Sonnega, and Megan N. Naude. Forthcoming. "Job Lock, Work, and Psychological Well-being in the United States." Work, Aging and Retirement. DOI. Abstract.

Verbrugge, Lois M., Dustin Brown, and Anna Zajacova. Forthcoming. "Disability Rises Gradually for a Cohort of Older Americans." Journals of Gerontology B: Psychological and Social Sciences. DOI. Abstract.

Freedman, Vicki, Douglas Wolf, and Brenda Spillman. 2016. "Disability-Free Life Expectancy Over 30 Years: A Growing Female Disadvantage in the US Population." American Journal of Public Health, 106(6): 1079-1085. PMCID: PMC4860065. DOI. Abstract.

Teerawichitchainan, Bussarawan, and John E. Knodel. 2016. "Long-term care needs in the context of poverty and population aging: The case of older persons in Myanmar." PSC Research Report No. 16-853. March 2016. Abstract. PDF.

Knodel, John E., Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan, and Wiraporn Pothisiri. 2016. "Caring for Thai Older Persons with Long-term Care Needs." PSC Research Report No. 16-854. March 2016. Abstract. PDF.

Krause, Neal. 2016. "Assessing Age Differences in the Relationship Between Emotional Support and Health Among Older Mexican Americans." Journal of Religion and Health, 55(1): 325-340. DOI. Abstract.

Krause, Neal. 2016. "Compassion, Acts of Contrition, and Forgiveness in Middle and Late Life." Pastoral Psychology, 65(1): 127-141. DOI. Abstract.

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